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Our Precision Properties family is committed to helping first time home buyers and long-standing homeowners alike find and close on the perfect home. Throughout the process, we listen to your goals, leverage our local expertise and connections, and leave no stone unturned. Our overarching objective is to walk you through a well-informed and seamless buying process so you walk into your new home with confidence and a warm-fuzzy feeling.

Committed to driving positive results, we exhaust every possible avenue in pursuit of your satisfaction. In many cases, that means leaving the desk, hitting the pavement, writing letters, and knocking on doors. Between our widespread local network, exclusive datasets, strong negotiating skills, and willingness to go above and beyond, we have a proven track record of success throughout the DMV. Our caring team is always at the ready to answer questions, address concerns, and put experience on your side.

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First Time
Home Buyers

For first-timers and seasoned home buyers alike, the home buying process is both exciting and nerve-racking. How do you know you’re getting a fair price? Is now the right time? Am I choosing the ideal location for my family? 

When you partner with Precision Properties, you can rest assured knowing that we always start at square one. We pride ourselves in nurturing well-informed clients by laying out the home buying process up front so you know what happens when, sharing all strategy options and data, and assuring that you understand all of the paperwork involved with your purchase. 

Once you understand the process, we assess your goals, outline your options, and begin the home search — initially casting a broader net, before honing in on your desired neighborhoods and home criteria. We go to great lengths to bridge the gap between your dream home and reality. We’ve even conducted door-knocking campaigns to find homeowners willing to sell to our clients in certain neighborhoods. 

To be sure, each year brings new challenges and opportunities to home buying. What worked last year might not be effective this year. As neighborhoods, prices, interest rates, and processes evolve, our Precision Properties team always has our ears low to the ground to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments.

Home buyers and their family in front of new home
Home buyers and their family in front of new home


Are you considering relocation? Whether driven by your career, family priorities, or lifestyle considerations, the relocation process is centered on driving positive change.

You’ll be pleased to know that our very own Kelly Roth is a seasoned relocation pro. Throughout her adult life, she has relocated eight times (and counting)! 

Developed under Kelly’s direction, our relocation program at Precision Properties starts with a unique “Kick Start” day where we show interested relocators various options throughout the DMV. Our ultimate goal is to paint a holistic picture surrounding each neighborhood’s personality, nearby shops and restaurants, and commute. 

Spoiler alert: we’re known for identifying home buying opportunities before they are available to the public. Once you’ve found the perfect neighborhood, we go to work conducting meticulous market research, scouring our exclusive network for properties not yet on the market but coming soon, and arranging showings for their first day on the market. Throughout the process, we streamline your relocation while ensuring that you achieve the perfect outcome for you and your family.


More millionaires have been created through real estate than any other industry. For new and experienced investors alike, Precision Properties can help you tap into the ideal real estate opportunity while balancing risk, mitigating your downside, and elevating potential returns. 

From an investment standpoint, the DMV presents a unique and lucrative opportunity. Precision Properties helps investors identify ROI-driven properties, navigate real estate contracts, and close favorable deals. Whether you’re seeking to secure positive cash flow through a rental property, build value through appreciation, or flip a high-potential space, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the buying and resale processes. 

Between our deep community connections and high-efficiency search strategies, we secure showings well ahead of the competition. As we sift through a myriad of neighborhoods, identify pre-market opportunities, and evaluate each property’s potential, we put your investment benchmarks and goals first.

condos in Virginia can be a real estate investment

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